There are many benefits to be derived from forming this group:  

  • Credit unions will receive views on the economy from the perspective of thecredit union movement;
  • The Federal Reserve appreciates credit union information/data that is timely and is currently not readily available;
  • Credit unions can use economic information for their planning purposes, especially for some who cannot afford to purchase the information;
  • Benchmark forecasts with a credit union perspective can be used by the groupís participants to gauge their forecasts when communicating to credit unions.
  • The credit union economic perspective will be conveyed to the general public. 

Additionally, direct benefits to CUEG members include the opportunity to exchange viewpoints and information.A positive byproduct of CUEG membership is public visibility that cannot be achieved individually.

Questions or comments about CUEG? Are you interested in joining us? Please email us!

CUEG intends to provide the credit union community as well as the general public with a biannual report discussing both current macroeconomic conditions as well as credit union-specific financial activity in each of the five NCUA regions. 
Regional Report
One of the foremost purposes for CUEG is to provide a broad perspective on a variety of macroeconomic and credit union growth trends. A consensus forecast on the U.S. economic landscape is provided to the public free of charge.  
Economic Forecast
Through detailed planning sessions among the membership, the issuance of press releases on all current work products, and meetings with the Federal Reserve Board, CUEG intends to remain quite active throughout the calendar year.