Formed in 2003, the Credit Union Economics Group (CUEG) is comprised of senior credit union officials with economic and/or financial backgrounds. The Group shares a joint interest in providing the nation's credit unions with a strategic view on both the general economy and in the area of consumer financial services.   

CUEG membership consists of individuals who work with credit union-specific issues on a day-to-day basis and are quite familiar with the strategic planning issues facing credit unions.  From macroeconomists to members of senior management teams, the members of the group are committed to providing credit unions with both national and regional macroeconomic information in the form of bi-annual regional reports and economic consensus forecasts on principal credit union and economic trends.  

The nation's credit unions have been known for their particularly strong relationship with the average consumer, and CUEG's mission therefore will be to enhance that tradition by striving to provide the general public with an overall economic picture, as well as to aid credit unions in their strategic planning efforts.  

CUEG is an independent group that is not affiliated with any particular credit union, credit union trade association, or credit union organization.

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region report

CUEG intends to provide the credit union community as well as the general public with a biannual report discussing both current macroeconomic conditions as well as credit union-specific financial activity in each of the five NCUA regions. 
Regional Report




One of the foremost purposes for CUEG is to provide a broad perspective on a variety of macroeconomic and credit union growth trends. A consensus forecast on the U.S. economic landscape is provided to the public free of charge.  
Economic Forecast




Through detailed planning sessions among the membership, the issuance of press releases on all current work products, and meetings with the Federal Reserve Board, CUEG intends to remain quite active throughout the calendar year.